Sushi Sandwich Recipe

This week I’m going to write about my latest lunchtime obsession; The Sushi Sandwich. I have seen many pictures on Instagram of these lunch time treats and have tried to recreate them a few times now. Now they are not a great thing of beauty just yet, but the taste is there. The Sushi Sandwich is also tying in nicely with my current efforts to be more plant based in my diet. Having returned back to work this week following my maternity leave {sob} they are super handy to wrap up and eat on the go in work.
Sushi sandwich







The proper name for these ‘sandwiches’ is Onigirazu and it’s basically a meet in the middle of a sushi roll and a standard sandwich. You can pop in your filling of choice, pending your preferences; my choices here are Tofu, Avocado, Spinach & some sauerkraut (a pervious recipe of mine on the blog). Other fillings include; traditional fish such as salmon or tuna, complete vegetable filling such as peppers / carrots / cabbage or sweet potato.

Nori sheets – 1 per sandwich.
1 cup of sushi rice per sandwich.
½ avocado
2 slices of firm tofu
25g spinach
*Optional – Mayonnaise *

Rice marinade
TBSP Soy sauce
TBSP rice vinegar
Tsp Sugar  & Tsp salt

1.Bake or fry your tofu – I like to bake my tofu for about 30 minutes as I like it nice and crispy. I just season mine with salt and pepper before hand. Remove from the oven and let cool.
2. Rice – Measure your rice and give it a good rinse in cold water before simmering it until tender and cooked through. Remove and drain.
3. Mix the soy / vinegar / salt and sugar in a small dish, once the sugar is dissolved – coat your rice in it.
4.Get your Nori sheet and place it either on a piece of cling film or a bamboo rolling mat. Place your nori at a 45 degree angle, so it looks like a diamond.
5. Grab your rice and assemble a square of rice in your diamond of nori.
6. Stack your Tofu on top & a later of Mayonnaise if using.
7. Stack your spinach leaves on top and lastly your avocado; either slices or mashed – both work.
8. Lastly wrap the corners of your diamond shaped sheet of nori in together and join like a parcel. Wet the corners of the Nori to stick. Allow to cool if still warm, then slice in halve.

Sushi sandwich

Written by Jessica O'Sullivan

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