When Life Throws You A Murphy’s Law

Some mornings come way too early. This morning was one of those. We woke up late thanks to no alarm. Apparently I didn’t set the alarm on my phone.? No! I failed to even plug-in my phone to charge, so not only did we start this day off late but also with a dead phone. Like a Drill Sergeant, I rush the kids to get up and ready and hurriedly. With no time to make the usual big egg breakfast, I reach for the trusted quick breakfast, Cheerios, but the cereal box is just about empty. Hey, at least there is some (trying to find some positives in this not so good start of the morning). So I’m dividing the remains just hoping there’s enough for all four kids. I serve up “just enough” sized portions, that all but one, of course, make a fuss over such a petty amount. When I reach into the fridge for the milk…why wouldn’t I be surprised at this point..there is NONE! The coffee creamer will have to do this morning kiddos… Thrown entirely off track, I haven’t even made my morning coffee. This is ritually the first thing in the mornings that I do.. even before waking the kids …click ….click ….click ….click click click…. Now I’m about ready to fight. My trusted and cherished coffee pot has decided, this morning of all mornings, to go cur plunk! Well now, do I just go back to bed and try it all over again? Though it sounds rather tempting…. let me roll up my sleeves and tackle back harder instead. I mean, I need a coffee! I will get a coffee. First though, is to get my grumpy, groggy, just rolled out of bed kids, sent off into the world. We manage to get out the door, still in a timely manner to at least get the kids to school before the tardy bell rings (that’s another plus). Crank the car and ding, ding, ding…the gas light comes on. Ah, yes now I remember. I had planned for us to leave a little earlier than normal this morning, so that we could stop and get gas first. Sorry kids, you would’ve been on time but we have got to get gas, no way around it. (Hey! Here’s another pro to this disastrous morning- I can get my coffee now too-it will only help!) We stop at the closest gas station which also happens to be the one who wants to charge $0.10 higher per gallon than all other surrounding gas stations. Oh well, this morning we will eat the extra $1.80 for a tank out of convenience. My son pumps while I run in… but the horrendous reflection in the windowed doors of the convenient store, stops me in my tracks. I cannot believe my kids let me leave the house looking like this! (Haha, totally not my fault) I look as if a tornado touched down on my head, wearing my husbands tattered and stretched out undershirt with no bra and ragged sweats, are you kidding me?! Oh who cares, we got somewhere to be!! Back on track, I put pep in my step, grab a cup of coffee, a daily reader, pay for the gas pumped and we’re off. Rushing to deliver my youngest to the first school stop we hit a lovely pot hole just right (insert sarcasm here) causing yet another disruption in this day. As if my attire wasn’t bad enough on it’s own, now it’s drenched with my beloved coffee. Searching for a napkin, a tissue, anything to clean this mess, the only thing to use is the daily reader I just purchased, TO READ…. (I guess it’s a good thing I got it, still searching for positives in this wretched day). Finally, we make our first stop. I hurriedly rush my little one in (who never gets in a hurry, might I add) sign him in late and zip back out to the car to deliver my older two to their destination and as I get in my vehicle, I realize then that even my shoes are mismatched! My goodness, can this day get any worse?! ………. Oh yes. Yes, it can. I must remember that. No matter how bad the circumstance seems, things can always be worse. But also, no matter how troublesome life may be, there is always something good in it still. Having joy through life’s storms bares on our perception. How do you handle when life throws you a Murphy’s Law? Looking to the one who made the heavens and earth, is where I find my peace.

“The very same God that spins things in orbit, runs to the weary, the worn and the weak, and the same gentle hands that hold me when I’m broken, they conquered death to bring me victory!”

You ever had one of those days where no matter what you do, the world just comes full fledge trying to knock you down? Where nothing seems to go right. For every two steps forward, you take three steps back. We’re all going to have those days, sometimes, but thank God for the sunshine and the rainbows that we receive in the balance. I’ve learned to praise His name in the storms also, for I know He cares for me, He holds my tears in His hands and He will get me through!

Spiritual teachers in the past commonly advised that we attract what we feel, meaning that any bad situation we face is often the product of our own negative thoughts and feelings. Instead of our thoughts controlling our circumstance, I purpose our attitude completely controls the outcome of our circumstance. How we handle a problem can cause that problem to snowball effect or it can minimize it back to reality. The one thing you can always control, no matter the circumstance, is your attitude and reaction. Focus on managing what is within your control. Our reaction is everything.

Anger, fear, worry, mishandled stress, all have detrimental health effects. No good. NO amount of worry will resolve any problem (spoken from a true worry wart). It will only set you up for more obstacles and blunders to bring you down further. Depression is horrid, often leading to addiction and suicide. Learning to stay out of your mind and controlling your emotions will allow for you to man life’s problems and move on to better things much easier. I understand it is easier said than done but I also know that faking a smile will eventually bail you out of any rut until it is a genuine smile once again.

In 1911 the Morton Salt Company was just looking to sell their table salt, but the words they originated for advertising their product, “When it rains, it pours” remain solidly embedded among our language…. With a completely different message than their original intentions even flipping the tone of the phrase from a positive one to one with a negative connotation, despite that (either way you look at it) it remains true that when it rains, it certainly does pour.


“Sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

Everything happens for a reason. Even when life is merely one catastrophe after another, all of the difficulties that are thrown at you either serve as a test or simply a stepping stone of growth. This enables us us to tackle what lies ahead in the future maybe even in a better way or with a more prepared attitude. What seems like a rapidly accelerating avalanche of problems growing ever so massively today, will one day too, be forgotten (not, of course, the life-changing experiences-but the little things that get us down on a daily basis are much more mundane). This too shall pass. Have you ever happened to think in the great scheme of it all, God has a greater plan than what we could ever even imagine?

Remember that pain is temporary. Joy comes in the morning! Job loss, financial burdens, a family members illness …these things will too come to pass. Something good will come of this. When everything goes wrong, we often forget about everything we have to be grateful for.

“If you have nothing to be grateful for, check your pulse.”

We must have darkness to show us the light, and vice versa. Thank God above that life doesn’t always hand you lemons, but when it does give thanks and use them. Did you ever happen to think that sometimes the bad things that happen in your life are there to put you directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to you? My life is an exact testament of this: http://mothersuncensored.com/excusing-absent-father

One of the things to remember when you’re facing difficulties, is that you’ve overcome past difficulties successfully. Whether you learned a lesson, moved from a hardship or just grown your inner strength, you’ve overcome. Taking care of yourself helps in overcoming the battles of life. With plenty of rest, some exercise, fueling up on healthy foods and prioritizing those important and often obsolete leisure activities, you become better equipped to deal with any problems that may come your way.

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”

If you don’t like your life, change it. The power is in you to make this life everything you ever dreamed of. No one under God himself has the right to control your life but you. Take the wheel. Right smack dab in the middle of God’s will is where the greatest joys, peace and comfort abode. Anywhere outside that, you will find turmoil, strife and despair. God wants the very best for our lives, far greater than what we could imagine, actually. He just needs our faith to be wholeheartedly and sincere like the faith of a child.

So the next time you become frazzled by the chaotic, overwhelming, demanding and sometimes lonely mom life that you’ve been blessed with, I urge you to take a moment and imagine all of your struggles to be entirely different…. Imagine wearing the shoes of another mother, for even just a moment. Such as: https://www.worldvision.org/refugees-news-stories/day-in-life-syria-iraq-refugee-moms-list



Written by Rebecca Anandan

Rebecca Anandan is a Stay At Home Mom of two teens, one tween, one toddler, eleven leghorn hens, one fat cat and with one pretty incredible husband that is the anchor of it all. They’re planted in the one place she’s always called home in Anderson, South Carolina. With sixteen years under her belt as a mama, fourteen of them were spent in the workforce. For four years she was a personal weight trainer and dietitian and ten years were spent sitting behind a computer desk of a government office. Now, two years and two months into staying home, she is finally able to live the life she always dreamed of, balancing the blessings and the struggles, equally the same. With God’s guidance and her husband’s assistance, together they are raising hardworking and compassionate young men of chivalry and a young lady of grace. She dabbles in essential oils, trusts strongly in homeopathy, organic farming and clean eating to handle the family’s severe allergies. As a writer by day and a reader by night she is here to learn as well as to offer encouragement and assistance on to other mama’s.

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