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Spring Lessons for Your Toddler


Toddlers are at a magical age. The world around them is a new and interesting place. There are new experiences and chances to learn and grow around every corner. I sometimes sit and watch my three year old playing and can’t help but marvel at how intelligent and curious she really is. I want more than anything to encourage that curiosity and help nurture her natural love for learning.

In Pre-school most toddlers learn the basics such as counting and the alphabet. They learn songs, and how to socialize with other children. At home, I use my child’s environment as a teaching tool. In honor of Spring, I’ve created an agenda with ways to learn together with my toddler at home, or while we are out and about. This learning guide encompasses what your toddler is already doing- watching and observing the world around them. It also includes important subjects such as social studies, fitness, and of course my all-time favorite, arts and crafts.

I’ve dedicated specific days of the month for my lessons but you can do them in any order, or as many times as you’d like. After all, learning at that age is all about having fun!


Nature Walk (Science)

Take your toddler for a walk, even if it’s only to go to the grocery store. Along the way look together for any signs of Spring. A good example is plants growing, budding flowers, and new leaf growth on trees.


Counting Seeds (Math)

How many seeds can you count together? You can use seeds from fruits, vegetables, or flowers and plant them together later.


Find the Letter “P” For Plants (Letter Recognition)

Look in books, magazines, or newspapers for the letter P. You can even practice spelling and writing the word Plant for a bonus vocabulary lesson.


Make a Fruit Salad (Cooking)

Try to pick various fruits with seeds so you can wash them off for a later lesson. You can take your time to identify and sort the seeds, as well as count them.


Make Seed Art (Art)

Using the fruit seeds you’ve cleaned and any others you may have available- make a picture entirely out of seeds. An easy tip to creating a picture is to draw an outline on the paper for your toddler to follow. Or let their imaginations run wild.


Rhyming (Phonics)

What words rhyme with plant? This lesson will help your child with sounding out words. You can also make lists or flashcards and let them sound out each word, finding which words rhyme.


No Technology Night (Literacy)

Ditch the TV and tablets for one night and read or tell stories together instead. Not only will you get to spend some quality time with your toddler, but it will help increase their reading and literacy skills too.


Art with Plants (Cutting)

Cut out pictures of plants and paste them on a piece of paper. Ask your child to identify which plant is their favorite and why?


Mom and Dad’s Favorite Book (Language)

Share Mom or Dad’s favorite book with your toddler. If you have a copy, read it together. If not you can tell them all about.


Make A Veggie Salad (Technology)

Make a vegetable salad together and look up one of the vegetables together online.


Hop on One Foot (Fitness)

Can you hop on one foot? For how long? This is a funny and goofy way to get some exercise inside or outside.


Singing (Music)

Create or find a song about plants and sing it together.


Little Chefs (Cooking)

Cook a meal together with your little ones. Count, measure, and pour ingredients carefully.


Family Chores (Social and Hygiene Skills)

Clean up together as a family. Ask your little one what they think they can do to help.


Drawing (Art)

Draw a picture of your favorite flower together.


Family Tree (Social Studies)

Ask your child who is in their family. Can they name them all?


Learning can happen anywhere and anything around you can become a teaching tool. Take the “classroom” outside or in your living room even on a rainy day. On your way to the store, or while walking to school. The most important lesson you will be teaching your children is that there is no end to opportunities when it comes to learning, and that it can be loads of fun!


Written by Samantha Catalano

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