Easy homemade ice lolly recipe ideas.

Hi guys! I made a boat load of healthy ice lollies this week & am going to share the varieties of flavours I made with you in this weeks post. Great for adults and kids, especially with summer on its way (the sun is slowly showing its face for us in the UK)

So first things first, any ice lolly mold will do – I bought this one from Amazon.

The first batch I made were basically just blitzed fruits;

*Kiwi & Lime
*Orange & Raspberry
* Mango & Pineapple
* Mixed berries

All tasted delicious and really retained their flavour.

If you want to really crank up the nutritional content you can add avocado; it makes the lolly really smooth and obviously provides lots in terms of vitamins and healthy fats. Yoghurt is great for getting that smooth texture also and especially good for young ones.

You can dip the tops in melted chocolate / nuts / granola. You can also make the base of your lollies lovely and crunchy by adding a sprinkle of Granola prior to freezing also. Ultimately these versions will be so much healthier than shop bought ones, even the ones seemingly without sugar in them; invariably have ingredients that cant be pronounced. Have an experiment with flavours and enjoy! X

Written by Jessica O'Sullivan

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