Cake Cake Cake

Hello! So this week has been some what crazy because I have returned to work post maternity leave. To get me through this…. cake. Cake with sugar. With icing. With butter. The works. This cake was made in a Bundt tin & it’s all about the method. My lovely Mum has started replacing the all in one method with this method & I have jumped on board; the result is such a light fluffy sponge.

So the technique requires you to weigh your eggs, in their shells. For this size cake I used 5 eggs.
Then weigh all other ingredients equally – so equal parts flour, butter and sugar.

1. Weigh your eggs
2. Weigh equal amounts of sugar / SR flour / butter.
3. Cream the sugar and butter.
4. Add the eggs slowly.
5. Sieve and add the flour.
6. Fold in the flour with a metal spoon, slowly slowly.
7. Add the mixture to your tin of choice and bake on 160. My Bundt sized cake needed 45 minutes for a skewer to come out clean.

I decorated mine with icing and pistachios. And I ate a large amount to cushion to blow of my return to work.

Replicate and enjoy! 😊

Written by Jessica O'Sullivan

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