6 Tips For Amazing Family Photo Shoots

Family photo shoots can be so much fun, but they can also be draining and stressful if you let them. Being married to a photographer and always assisting for the shoots, I’ve seen things from both angles.

While my hubby is a great photographer (if I may say so myself), getting him in front of the camera is a challenge. Let me explain! His photography skills are constantly in demand, all of my friends want him to take their photos. I love that! But the challenge is that while he is so busy snapping pictures for everyone else, we tend to miss out on taking family photos as much as I would like. However, when we do get to have our photos taken, we have a blast and always walk away with some great shots!

Here are 6 tips (from a photographer’s wife) to getting the most out of your family’s photo shoot.

Don’t Overthink Things

While it can be tempting to plan the PERFECT photo shoot for hours and hours, sometimes it’s just best not to overthink these. Don’t stress about the perfect outfit or location. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to plan for these, just don’t overthink it.  Many times the simplest things are what make the photos priceless. We had an impromptu photo shoot after church this weekend and I have to say, I am so pleased with how the photos turned out.

Keep Snacks & Drinks On Hand

This one is very important. Sometimes photo shoots can take longer than expected, so always make sure you have some snacks on hand. It’s also important to have these on hand for kids (big and small ones) so that they can be energized and available for the pictures. One of the reasons our little one was so cooperative and available during our photo shoot this weekend was because we had her snacks and drinks on hand. Her sippy cup even made a few appearances!

Don’t Stress About the Poses

I know it can be so tempting to copy this amazing pose you saw somewhere, but remember not all poses are created equal! LOL! What might look good for one person might not work for you… and that’s okay! Just make sure you’re comfortable and if you have a good photographer, he will guide you and give you feedback on what poses work best for you. Sometimes the pictures that are not even posed turn out the be the best ones!

Maximize Your Location

The location of a photo shoot is just the backdrop of the main focus… your family! While you don’t want the location to outshine you, you definitely want to make sure that you maximize it to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to stand on the bench instead of sitting. Don’t be afraid to use an area that might not look so stunning to the naked eye, because what we see and what a camera lens sees are two different things.

Be Natural and Yourself

The best pictures in my opinion are the ones that really show a person’s personality without using words. The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so true. You want your pictures to show you so the best thing to do is to be natural and yourself. Some of my favorite pictures from this weekend are the ones that we didn’t even try to pose for.


Have Fun

Last but not least…. HAVE FUN!! Photo shoots are times where you can bring everyone together. Photos should capture the emotions and joy of those times and moments together. Make them count.. and make sure you’re having fun at the same time! It will definitely show and will just make your photos that much more better!

Family photo shoots can be a wonderful way to make memories with your loved ones, so why not make the most of them!

Written by Melissa Teage

Melissa is a good ol’ Oklahoma girl making her mark in the DC area. She lives in Maryland with her husband and her daughter Arissa. She has worked in the field of education for 12 years and loves to blog in her free time. She loves being a mommy and looks forward to having more children in the near future. Melissa has many titles, but her favorites is “mommy”. She loves to encourage other women and is excited to share her experiences as a new mommy on this blog. Her blog, The Gr8ful Woman, focuses on helping women to see the world through a lens of gratitude in every situation. You can read it at www.thegr8fulwoman.com.

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